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Nakaya Long Cigar Raspberry

Nakaya Long Cigar Raspberry

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With an overall design mixing berries, flowers and leaves, this is a lively design. Pieces of embedded raden bring a touch of tuxury to this Maki-e motif.

Maki-e, literally ""sprinkled powder,"" is a general term for the process by which figurative or abstract designs are created by sprinkling pigment or metallic powder onto the surface of Urushi lacquer while it is still wet. There are many varieties of Maki-e, such as Tame-sukashi, Raden, and Chinkin.

Notice the raden (round pieces of abalone) inlaid into the center of the raspberry flowers.

The grace of this composition is to be found in the relationship between the negative space, where there is no design, and the individual figures.

The artist uses multiple techniques to accomplish this design. Besides the use of raden, the artist uses taka-maki-e, raised maki-e technique to bring forward parts of the design.

The choice of lighter colors is unusual. The gold dust which is sprinkled into and imbedded in the flowers, leaves and berries contrasts with the pale background in its reflectiveness rather than in value.

Rich gradation on the leaves gives depth and shape to the forms.
Hand-painted Maki-e converters are available.
The heavy decorative rice paper outer box, simple solid softwood shipping inner box and fabric pouch make a lovely presentation for this Nakaya Urushi pen. Sensible and elegant packaging are a hallmark of Nakaya presentations.

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