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Nakaya Long Writer Midori-tamenuri

Nakaya Long Writer Midori-tamenuri

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The Nakaya Long Writer in Midori-tamenuri is hand-crafted from natural ebonite hard rubber and urushi lacquer. The pen is hand-turned at the Nakaya workshop in Tokyo, then sent to Wajima on the west coast of Japan for application of the urushi lacquer finish.

Final nib set-up and optimization takes place in the workshop in Los Angeles, where each pen is specially tuned for the end user. Optional nib customizations are also available - choose the Fine Soft for Spencerian, or a broader nib for best results with the popular Architects Point modification.

Each Nakaya pen is individually produced in an artisanal process that can require up to a year to be completed. Layered Midori-tamenuri is a particularly challenging and time-intensive finish to produce, even for the skilled artisans of the traditional craft center of Wajima, but the luminous results are treasured by Nakaya users.

An ink converter, provided by us free of charge with your order, allows for the use of any bottled fountain pen ink. Convenient Platinum brand disposable ink cartridges can also be used.

A softwood presentation box with kanji-style script includes a fabric pen kimono and starter pack of ink cartridges as well as the converter. We are an authorized Nakaya dealer.

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