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Nakaya Naka-ai Writer Ballpen Shu Unpolished Gold

Nakaya Naka-ai Writer Ballpen Shu Unpolished Gold

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Rich matte Unpolished Shu (also referred to as Shu-nurippanashi) has long been one of the most popular of Nakaya's solid color finishes. As always seems to be the case, the tapered lines of the Naka-ai seem to showcase this color as no other model can. This version combines the beauty of the Naka-ai with the ease and versatility of a ballpen.

Any Nakaya ebonite hard rubber pen (this includes all Nakaya pens with the exception of the Celluloid, Briarwood, Carbon Graphite, and Titanium models) is also available as a special order item in a Ballpen version. Both Parker rollerball-style gel refills and Parker QuinkFlow oil-based ballpoint-style refills are available.

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