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Nakaya Naka-ai Writer Shu Polished

Nakaya Naka-ai Writer Shu Polished

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This is the highly polished version of the red, Shu, Naka-ai fountain pen. Red is one of the classic pen colors with a history that goes back to Parker's ""Big Red"" from the 1920's and this tapered pen shows the color to great effect.

Designed by Nakaya master pen designer Shinichi Yoshida in collaboration with John Mottishaw, the Naka-ai, with its peaked ends and tapered body, combines many of Nakaya’s most distinctive design features in a single model. ""Naka-ai"" has the meaning of middle or in-between, and brings to mind the Middle Way of Buddhist practice with its emphasis on balance, integrity, and centeredness. Appropriately enough, the Naka-ai occupies a midway position between Nakaya's smaller Piccolo series pens and the longer Deskpen.

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