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Nakaya Neo Standard Ishime-Kanshitsu Aka-tamenuri

Nakaya Neo Standard Ishime-Kanshitsu Aka-tamenuri

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This ""stone finish"" fountain pen, seen here in the red Aka-tamenuri color, is a pleasure to hold and touch. The surface has just the right combination of smooth and textured finishes to feel great between the fingers.

The response to this new design has been highly enthusiastic. One of our customers says, ""This is the best shape that Nakaya has ever made."" This Neo Standard is available in the clip model only.

Because this pen is perfectly scaled to bring out all of its tactile properties, the stone-finish texture is carried all the way through to the gripping section, where it is felt between the fingers.

Notice the richness of the surface. The color varies between the lighter top color and the darker tones in the deeper recesses. Of course the barrel threads, seen in the picture above, are not coated with this texture. This allows the cap to smoothly turn onto the barrel.

The solid gold 14K nib is imprinted with ""Nakata,"" the family name of the manufacturer.
Each of these nibs is suitable for our customization to extra flexible. The medium, broad and extra broad tips can be customized into a cursive italic, stub, or oblique point.

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