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Nakaya Neo Standard Matte Black Hairline

Nakaya Neo Standard Matte Black Hairline

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The Neo Standard Matte Black Hairline fountain pen has a gentle softness both to the eye and the touch. The ruthenium plated clip and 14K ruthenium nib convey a quiet authority and could slip by unnoticed until it is used to write. Then the superior ink flow and smooth writing quality stand out.

Seen here with the ruthenium-plated clip and nib, this pen is a study in gray and silver. The black hairline surface reflects light not as a monotone black, but as a soft, lustrous gray.

The response to this design has been highly enthusiastic. One of our customers says, ""This is the best shape that Nakaya has ever made.""

The hairline surface is achieved first by applying many layers of carbon black urushi lacquer over the hard rubber. Then the surface is scarified with parallel ultra-fine lines. The result is soft in the fingers and easy on the eyes.

This pen also comes stock with a 14K gold nib and gold-plated clip. That combination adds further dash and flare to this elegantly-conceived pen.
The Nakaya nib bears the imprint ""Nakata"", the family name of the manufacturer. Made of solid 14K gold, it is seen here with the ruthenium- plated clip and broad nib.
Each of these nibs is suitable for our customization to extra flexible. The medium, broad, and extra broad tips can be customized into a cursive italic, stub, or oblique point. Note that Nakaya now offers a soft fine and soft medium nib, both of which are much more flexible than the their standard nibs.

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