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Nakaya Neo Standard Shobu

Nakaya Neo Standard Shobu

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The Nakaya Neo Standard in Shobu urushi (purple) is seen here with the rhodium clip. This exquisite shape in this rich color suggests understated strength. In European culture this color has long be assocated with royalty. In Japan is is seen as elegant.

This is the Neo Standard in Shobu urushi (purple) seen here with the rhodium clip and two-tone nib.
This is a subtle and considered shape that is hand-crafted from solid hard rubber. Notice the long tapered tail of the barrel and how this shape continues toward the front of the pen as well, down to the flange of the gripping section. The extra long section offers a comfortable grip for the fingers making it a favorite with calligraphers and people who spend hours writing. It also fits perfectly at the back of the hand and into the web between thumb and first finger. There is no need to post this cap.

The Nakaya nib bears the imprint of Nakata, the family name of the manufacturer, and is made of solid 14K gold.

Note that Nakaya nibs run finer than Western nibs of the same named size.

Heavy decorative rice paper, a solid softwood shipping box, and an attractive fabric pouch add to this pen's presentation value. Sensible and elegant packaging has always been a hallmark of the Nakaya brand.

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