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Nakaya Piccolo Cigar Negoro Heki-tamenuri

Nakaya Piccolo Cigar Negoro Heki-tamenuri

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Nakaya's Negoro style pens feature artfully engraved ""cracks"" etched onto the surface of the cap and barrel. The Nakaya Piccolo Cigar Negoro Heki-tamenuri fountain pen is an art form as well as a practical writing instrument.

The name Piccolo comes from the smallest of the woodwind instruments, and in true form the Nakaya Piccolo Cigar fountain pen is one of the shortest of the Nakaya Urushi pens, yet still maintains excellent balance in the hand.

The Negoro weathering process is particularly painstaking and time-consuming - production of these pens usually requires six months or more. Here the artist intentionally exposes the fountain pen's base to celebrate the concept of aging.

As with all hand-painted Tame-nuri pens, the colors will vary slightly from pen to pen - no two will ever be exactly the same. With time, the outer dark layer will grow more transparent, allowing the Heki under-layer to show through.

The Nakaya Piccolo Cigar Negoro Heki-tamenuri fountain pen is handcrafted from ebonite and Urushi lacquer, and comes standard with solid gold 14k single-tone nib in your choice of tipping size.

The double slit Music nib is available at an added premium, as are plated nibs in Pink Gold, Rhodium, Ruthenium, or Two-Tone.

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