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Nakaya Piccolo Cigar String Rolled Enjoying The Moon Cat

Nakaya Piccolo Cigar String Rolled Enjoying The Moon Cat

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One of Nakaya's most popular motifs, the lyrical Enjoying The Moon Cat is now available in a special String Rolled version. Each hand-finished pen requires six months or more to be completed.

Our complimentary nib tuning services adjust pressure and ink flow to your personal preferences, while our optional nib customizations can additional flair and distinctiveness to your writing on the page, and can also make this pen a valuable tool for the professional or amateur calligrapher. We are an authorized Nakaya dealer, one of the very few that exist worldwide.

Utilizing Yakou Maki-e technique, the Enjoying The Moon Cat has been one of Nakaya's most loved motifs since being introduced nearly ten years ago. String Roll technique adds an additional layer of visual and tactile appeal to this pen - and considering how much cats enjoy playing with string, it only seems appropriate.

The pen arrives in an attractive softwood presentation box which includes a fabric pen kimono and starter pack of ink cartridges - this is a cartridge-converter filler which can use either Platinum brand cartridges or any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the complimentary provided converter. Each pen is carefully examined and tested by us before shipping on to you.

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