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Nakaya Piccolo Cigar Toki-tamenuri

Nakaya Piccolo Cigar Toki-tamenuri

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The Nakaya Piccolo Cigar in layered Toki-tamenuri finish is a superb example of this company's artisanal approach to pen production. Each ebonite body pen is hand-turned in Tokyo, then sent to Wajima on the west coast of Japan for finishing in multiple layers of natural urushi lacquer.

We complete the process by adjusting the nib and feed of each pen to your own personal writing characteristics. Our optional nib customizations can add additional flair and distinctiveness to your writing on the page.

Opaque Fuki-urushi is applied over a base layer of bright pink Toki-iro urushi to achieve the layered apperance of this pen's finish. Fuki-urushi grows more transparent as the finish matures through drying, aging, and handling, with the result that the finish will grow brighter and more lustrous over an extended period of time.

The pen fills using Nakaya's reliable cartridge-converter system using either Platinum brand cartridges or, when fitted with the provided converter, any bottled fountain pen ink. The softwood presentation box and fabric pen kimono add to the pen's value and also make this a superb gift item for special occasions.

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