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Nakaya Piccolo Writer Kuro-tamenuri

Nakaya Piccolo Writer Kuro-tamenuri

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If simplicity is the highest form of elegance, this is it. Nakaya pens achieve greatness by virtue of its streamlined design, excellent materials, flawless surface and saturated colors. This pen, the Piccolo Writer (With Clip) fountain pen in Kuro-tamenuri (Black Red), Is a favorite.

Tami means “little pool of water” and nuri means painting, and when a word meaning a pigment is placed in front of it such as kuro, we have kuro-tami-nuri, or a blackish transparent painted surface. This black color is painted over red here, which allows the transparency of the black to reveal the red underneath; a traditional favorite of many people.

The urushi tradition is historic and profound in Japan, where lacquer ware has adorned utilitarian objects for centuries. This technique, though painstaking, gives this fountain pens its deep lustrous sheen and subtle color shift.

This Nakaya fountain pen is made of hard rubber or ebonite that is meticulously coated with urushi, a material made from the sap of a Japanese lacquer tree. The process of collecting the Urushi and applying many layers of lacquer to this fountain pen takes three months to complete.
The Nakaya nib, imprinted Nakata, the family name of the manufacturer is made of solid 14K gold. Each of these nibs is suitable for our customization to extra flexible. The larger tips can be customized into architect's, cursive italic, stub or oblique points. Seen here is the two-tone nib.

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