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Nakaya Portable Cigar Bamboo Woods

Nakaya Portable Cigar Bamboo Woods

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In Tame-Sukashi technique, layers of clear, smooth Urushi lacquer are applied over a painted motif - it is similar to Tame-Nuri technique, in which lacquer is applied over a solid color. The underlying motif in Tame-Sukashi will become more prominent over time as the Urushi lacquer ages and becomes more transparent.

Enclosed by bamboo with stalks in front and leaves above, this pen captures the experience of being in a grove. The leaves litter the ground at the base, ripple between the bamboo stems, and play around the gripping section.

A fine mist of gold dust adds texture to the color of this slender yet full-sized pen.

The entire surface is muted with an over coat of amber urushi lacquer. In time this layer will become thinner and more transparent, allowing greater contrast in the bamboo motif below.

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