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Nakaya Portable Cigar Chinkin Housoge Kikyo Platinum

Nakaya Portable Cigar Chinkin Housoge Kikyo Platinum

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"The Portable Cigar provides an ample and elegant surface for the painstaking Chinkin engraving work involved in the creation of the Housoge Kikyo Platinum. Silver powder is carefully applied to the engraved lines, set against a dark blue Kikyo Urushi background. It is then sealed in place with a final layers of clear urushi lacquer in a time honored tradition.

The Housoge floral pattern represents an idealized hybrid ""flower in paradise"" as envisioned by the Pure Land Buddhism of the period. The Housoge has its origins in the Tenpyo period, 729-749 CE, during which time Buddhism was becoming an officially recognized state religion in Japan.

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