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Nakaya Portable Cigar Maki-e Owl

Nakaya Portable Cigar Maki-e Owl

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"This is the Nakaya Portable Cigar Maki-e Owl made using the Gin-yuji-uge technique and gold Maki-e over black urushi. The pupils of the owl are inlaid raden (abalone shell).

" "The pearlescent effect of this gold feathered owl is the result of intense layering and burnishing. This delicate technique allows for the texture of the feathers subtly incised into the smooth surface.

The owl's eyes refract light in various colors depending on the angle from which they are seen. One feels the quite intense concentration of this noble bird. Note the sweeping lines of the grasses on the barrel. Spare and elegant, they are polished in gold powders and delicate colored urushi. Hand-painted Maki-e converters are also available - click here for details.

The Nakaya nib, imprinted Nakata, the family name of the manufacturer, is made of solid 14K gold. Each of these nibs is suitable for our customization to extra flexible. The medium and broad tips can be customized by us into cursive italic, stub, or oblique points.

The heavy decorative rice paper, simple solid softwood shipping box, and fabric pen pouch make a lovely presentation for these Nakaya Urushi pens. Sensible and elegant packaging has long been a hallmark of the Nakaya brand."

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