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Nakaya Portable Cigar Red-Crowned Crane

Nakaya Portable Cigar Red-Crowned Crane

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The Nakaya Portable Cigar Red-Crowned Crane utilizes blue Tamesukashi Maki-e technique to realize its lush and lyrical motif. Each pen is hand-crafted in a process which requires up to a year to be completed.

The crane motif, now just a subtle pattern against the dark background, will grow brighter and more easily visible as the outer layer of fuki-urushi lacquer matures and grows more transparent. This evolution over time is seen as a key value in urushi art as practiced in the traditional craft center of Wajima where this pen was finished.

Often seen as a symbol of longevity and good fortune, the crane, or tsuru, is a classic subject for depiction in Japanese art. Tall, long-necked, and mated for life, they are also frequently used as the motif subject on formal wedding gowns.

Each Nakaya Maki-e pen is hand-finished by a skilled Maki-e artist in the traditional craft center of Wajima on the west coast of Japan, while the pen itself has been hand-turned from natural ebonite hard rubber at the Nakaya workshop in Tokyo. Final nib setting and adjustment is completed at the office in Miami.

The pen can utilize any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the reusable ink converter, provided by us free of charge with your order. It can also use convenient Platinum brand disposable ink cartridges.

A softwood presentation box, cloth pen kimono, and starter pack of ink cartridges are also included, making this an excellent choice as a very special gift item.

Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts pressure and ink flow to your personal preferences, and our optional nib customizations can add to the character and distinctiveness of your writing on the page. We are an authorized Nakaya dealer.

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