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Nakaya Portable Cigar Spiketails

Nakaya Portable Cigar Spiketails

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The Nakaya Portable Cigar Spiketails fountain pen is a glamorous Maki-e study of the mighty spiketail dragonfly. Gold and amber details accent the finish of this smooth and slender writing instrument.

This remarkable fountain pen includes two rarely combined features. It is hand painted and semi-transparent.

The dragonfly wings turn diagonally around the cap in a stunning composition that begs the handler to rotate the pen. The effect is one of floating gossamer golden filigree over a deep transparent amber color.

This model was finished by coating transparent acrylic body with Shu (red) Urushi pigments. It is most transparent at the cap and barrel ends and becomes completely obscure in the middle of the pen. This shift from transparent to opaque is gradual and most noticeable when held up to light.

The barrel design is one of swamp grasses, the natural habitat of the Spiketails (dragonfly). The surfaces are raised to give texture to the motif. The gold dust is captured under layers of semi-clear urushi lacquer.

The heavy decorative rice paper, simple solid softwood shipping box and fabric pouch make a lovely presentation for Nakaya Urushi pens. Sensible and elegant packaging have long been a hallmark of Nakaya.

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