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Nakaya Portable Cigar Whale and Wave 2

Nakaya Portable Cigar Whale and Wave 2

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An extraordinary example of contemporary Maki-e technique, the Nakaya Portable Cigar Whale and Wave 2 is individually hand-finished using a variety of different urushi lacquers and precious materials.

A work of art on its own terms, the Whale and Wave 2 is also an exceptional and highly practical writing instrument that can be fitted with any of Nakaya's solid gold 14k nibs. Our complimentary nib set-up process and optional nib customizations tailor the writing experience to your individual preferences.

Nakaya's Maki-e artists utilize a wide variety of techniques to realize the complex motif expressed on this pen. Details in the silver powder waves have been finished with lines in gold, which is also used for the whale's eyes.

Sumi charcoal is used for the whale's body, which is then finished with black urushi lacquer, while the image of the sun has been created in Akebono technique using green and red lacquers combined with more gold powder. The background has also been realized in Akebono technique, with additional use of gold plate and powder.

As with all of Nakaya's Maki-e pens, this is a handcrafted work of art which requires months of skilled work to be produced. Each pen is individually finished, and no two pens will ever be exactly alike.

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