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Nakaya Portable Writer Ishime-Kanshitsu Aka-tamenuri

Nakaya Portable Writer Ishime-Kanshitsu Aka-tamenuri

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This Aka-tamenuri ""stone finish"" fountain pen is a pleasure to hold and touch. The surface has just the right combination of smooth and textured finishes to feel great between the fingers.

These pens are hand turned from solid hard rubber rod stock, then lacquered with multiple layers of natural urushi lacquer.

Because this pen is perfectly scaled to bring out all its tactile properties, the stone-finish texture is carried all the way through to the gripping section, where it is really felt.

Notice the richness of the surface. The color varies between the lighter top color and the darker tones in the deeper recesses.

The solid gold 14K nib is proudly imprinted with ""Nakata,"" the family name of the manufacturer.

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