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Nakaya Portable Writer Krishna

Nakaya Portable Writer Krishna

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A likeness of Krishna surrounded by an abundance of raden (abalone) inlays, gold and pigmented urushi, finely graded gold metal powders, all adorn this Nakaya pen. Generously on display here is maki-e, literally ""sprinkled powder,"" a general term for the process by which figurative or abstract designs are created by sprinkling pigment or metallic powder onto the surface of urushi lacquer while it is still wet.

Gold sprinkles are evident on the cap, barrel and even on the gripping section of this Portable writer.

Sweeping curves, whether found in the leaves above Krishna's head, the folds of his robes, or the lotus flower on which he stands, define the grace of this pen.

All the symbolic elements are here: Krishna with his flute, the cow in the distance, and the lotus blossoms (of which there are three, two elaborated in abalone, at the base).

Decorative rice paper, a simple solid softwood shipping box decorated with Japanese Kanji script, and a fabric pen ""kimono"" are all included with this pen, making it a lovely presentation item. Sensible and elegant packaging has long been a hallmark of the Nakaya brand.

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