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Nakaya Portable Writer Lotus Maki-e Kuro-tamenuri

Nakaya Portable Writer Lotus Maki-e Kuro-tamenuri

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Who would guess that under this cap a hand painted lotus flower floats on a sprinkle of gold. The multiple applications of red lacquer, dark urushi lacquer, solid gold flakes and pigmented and raised colored lacquer make this visual treasure come alive when it comes out of the dark.

This is the Lotus Flower fountain pen in the Portable size Writer (with clip) in Kuro-tamenuri. The lotus flower is painted on the gripping section in painstaking Taka-Makie technique.

The urushi lacquer surface is both beautiful and durable. This is a pen to last a lifetime or more. These pens honor the passage of time, evolving slowly as the color becomes richer and the under-color becomes more prominent. Many in Japan believe that lacquer that has seen many generations is more beautiful than the new. This pens celebrates that idea.

The Maki-e fountain pen is an intense collaboration of Maki-e artists in Wajima with fountain pen specialists of Nakaya with very detailed artwork which becomes more and more beautiful the longer you use it. Because of the many layers, wear only makes this pen more precious.

The heavy decorative rice paper, simple solid softwood shipping box and fabric pouch offer a lovely presentation for Nakaya Urushi pens. Sensible and elegant packaging have been a hallmark of Nakaya.

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