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Namiki Aya Seeiryuu Blue

Namiki Aya Seeiryuu Blue


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Dark blue urushi, silver powders, and raden are combined to create a vision of deep running waters in the Namiki Aya Seeiryuu Blue. Each ebonite body pen has been hand-finished and is provided with your choice of Namiki #30 18k solid gold two-tone nib in Fine, Medium, or Broad.

Regrinds to finer tipping sizes are available from us, as well as our exclusive nib customizations - choose broader nibs for best results with such popular modifications as Stub, Cursive Italic, and Architects Point. Whether or not you choose a customization or regrind, our complimentary nib tuning adjusts optimum pressure and ink flow to your own personal preferences.

The Namiki Aya Collection offers ebonite body urushi Maki-e pens hand-finished by members of the renowned Kokkai artisans collective in Kanagawa. Gold and silver powders are hand applied using painstaking togidashi technique. Each pen requires up to a year to be produced.

The pens can fill with any bottled fountain pen ink using the high capacity CON-70 converter included with your purchase. The pens can also use convenient Pilot brand disposable ink cartridges, now available in nineteen different carefully nuanced hues. The pen ships in a traditionally styled wooden presentation box - a starter bottle of ink and a special maroon polishing cloth are also included.

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