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Namiki Chinkin Crane

Namiki Chinkin Crane


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The Namiki Chinkin Crane is beautiful example of this traditional art form - each hand-finished pen can require up to six months or more to be completed. We provide it with your choice of 18k solid gold nib.

Our complimentary nib tuning ensures that your pen will have writing qualities equal to its appearance, and our optional nib customizations can give your writing on the page added style and distinctiveness. We are an authorized Namiki dealer.

The crane occupies a special place of symbolism in Japanese art - a symbol of longevity and good fortune, it is traditionally believed to have a lifespan of a thousand years. As the ""bird of paradise,"" it is also believed to carry departed souls to a heavenly realm.

The crane motif is realized here in chinkin, one of the most precise and exacting of all Maki-e techniques. Each individual line is hand-etched using specialized tools, and just one small error can result in the entire piece being discarded and work started over again from the beginning. Namiki utilizes artists from the famed Kokkokai collective for the production of these specialized finishes.

Each pen ships in a special wooden presentation box which includes a complimentary bottle of ink. Namiki's convenient cartridge-converter system allows for the use of any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the provided converter, and Pilot brand disposable ink cartridges can also be used with this very special writing instrument.

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