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Namiki Emperor Black Urushi

Namiki Emperor Black Urushi


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The Namiki Emperor Black Urushi fountain pen makes a powerful statement. Hand-turned ebonite and natural urushi finish combine to make this large eyedropper-filled a pen equally suited to both the collector and the everyday user. It has an unsurpassed ink capacity.

The Namiki Emperor Black Urushi fountain pen is finished in natural Urushi lacquer and is provided with a generous #50 Namiki 18k solid gold nib in your choice of tipping size. Please note that the Fine nibs are identified as "FM" on the nib itself.

Dressed up in classic black and gold, the Namiki Emperor Black urushi fountain pen is a pen with presence. Smooth black urushi lacquer envelops the pen from tip to tail, demonstrating quality lacquer craft.

The Namiki Emperor revives the large size #50 fountain pen nib in this flagship model.

Not only is this eyedropper filler pleasing, but it also possesses an impressive ink capacity, allowing you to write for hours in luxury without interruption. It has an ink shut-off to seal the nib from the barrel when not in use.

A matching polished black feed on the underside of the nib adds a unique detail to this Black Urushi writing instrument.

The silky black finish is achieved using the Roiro Urushi Shiage method in which raw non-oil lacquer is rubbed into the Emperor after polishing it with special charcoal.

A gold pocket clip bears the Namiki name and pentagon and serves as a built in roll-stopper.
The Namiki Emperor Black urushi fountain pen arrives in an elegant softwood presentation box and includes a bottle of ink, eyedropper, and documentation.

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