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Namiki Emperor Vermilion Urushi

Namiki Emperor Vermilion Urushi


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The Namiki Emperor Vermilion fountain pen is hand-finished in natural urushi lacquer over an ebonite hard rubber body. The eyedropper filling system gives this large pen a very generous ink capacity, and it is provided with your choice of 18k solid gold nib. Each individual pen can require up to one year to be produced.

As with any pen or nib unit you purchase from us, the Namiki Emperor Vermillion qualifies for our complimentary nib tuning and optimization services, as well as our exclusive nib customizations. Purchasing a high-end urushi or Maki-e pen from us means that you will have a pen that is not just beautiful to look at, but which will also be a superb everyday writing instrument.

With its grand stature and understated design, the Namiki Emperor Vermilion Urushi fountain pen declares itself most directly in its simplicity. Smooth red Urushi lacquer envelops the pen from tip to tail, demonstrating quality lacquer craft. Coming from a tradition that spans military armor to tableware, lacquer is a durable material, resistant to heat, water and abrasion.

This is an oversized pen with presence. The Namiki Emperor Vermilion Urushi pen is the perfect choice for those who prefer a generously-sized writing instrument. This is one of the largest fountain pens on the market.

This eyedropper filled pen with its impressive ink capacity which allows one to write for hours without interruption and with the secure knowledge that when the ink shutoff is screwed down the pen will hold its ink inside.

The silhouette of Mt. Fuji as well as the signature pentagon logo identify this nib as Namiki quality. A matching red lacquered feed on the underside of the nib adds a unique detail to the Vermilion Urushi writing instrument and lends a streamlined touch.

A gold clip bears the Namiki name and serves as a built in roll-stopper. The smooth, rounded shape of the Emperor highlights the vibrant red finish.
The Namiki Emperor Vermilion Urushi fountain pen arrives in an elegant softwood presentation box and includes a bottle of ink, eyedropper, and documentation.

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