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Namiki Yukari Chinkin Bamboo and Sparrow

Namiki Yukari Chinkin Bamboo and Sparrow


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Hand-finished in exacting chinkin engraving technique by master artisan Yasuji Sumi, the Namiki Yukari Chinkin Bamboo and Sparrow is both an exceptional work of art in its own right as well as a highly versatile writing instrument. Each pen is provided with an 18k two-tone nib in your choice of tipping size, and regrinds to finer sizes are also available from us.

Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts optimum pressure and ink flow to your personal preferences. Namiki 18k nibs also provide an excellent starting point for many of our most popular nib customizations.

With a motif exquisitely realized in chinkin engraving and gold powder, the Bamboo and Sparrow is a particularly beautiful and lyrical addition to Namiki's renowned Chinkin Collection. Bamboo is a symbol of strength and durability, and the sparrow of gentleness and intellectual depth. Together they suggest a positive vision of the future, in a motif that is frequently used in Japanese art.

The pen can fill with any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the provided converter, and can also use convenient Pilot brand disposable ink cartridges. A special presentation box with a complimentary bottle of ink adds to the pen's value. We are an authorized Namiki dealer.

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