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Namiki Yukari Pigeon and Persimmon

Namiki Yukari Pigeon and Persimmon


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The Namiki Yukari Collection Pigeon and Persimmon is both a superb writing instrument as well as a memorable work of Maki-e art in its own right. We make it available with your choice of solid gold 18k nib.

The Pigeon and Persimmon design incorporates two different Maki-e techniques, Togidashi-maki-e (burnished Maki-e) and Hira-maki-e (flat Maki-e). Togidashi-maki-e is a method in which gilded patterns are dried, recoated with urushi, and finally burnished to a high sheen using charcoal. This style of Maki-e dates to the 7th century. The Hira-maki-e method uses colored urushi lacquers combined with raw lacquer which is then coated with a sprinkling of gold powder.

As with many traditional Japanese compositions, the open spaces where nothing appears to be happening gives room for the parts to work together. And nowhere is it more important than when applied to a three-dimensional object. Our eye follows around the twining branches and the layers of mist to discover the startling color of the persimmon and the nuances of each leaf.

Notice the artist's signature in red below the calligraphic description of this design.

This pen comes with Namiki's highest quality converter, in fact this is the best converter filling system we have seen anywhere. It also comes with a single ink cartridge. We suggest, if you use cartridges, that you get more.

A nicely designed soft-wood inner presentation box surrounds this pen.

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