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Namiki Yukari Rock Garden

Namiki Yukari Rock Garden


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The Namiki Yukari Collection Rock Garden fountain pen is a unique work of Maki-e art. This is a memorable writing instrument and is made available with your choice of Namiki 18k solid gold nib.

Our newest addition to the Namiki Yukari collection is the Namiki Yukari Rock Garden fountain pen, also know as Seki-tei.

Based on the rock garden found at Garden Ryokan, or Japanese Inn, this pen depicts the understated beauty of this haven overlooking the Seto Island Sea.

Gold flecks create pathways amongst the rocks, while the dark black background evokes tranquility and silence befitting of meditation in a rock garden.

Garden Ryokan has a reputation for luxury, and was rated one of the best gardens by America's Journal of Japanese Gardening. The design of the Yukari Rock Garden fountain pen incorporates two different Maki-e techniques to depict the essence of this natural sanctuary. Togidashi-maki-e (burnished Maki-e) is a method in which gilded patterns are dried, re-coated with urushi, and finally burnished to a high sheen using charcoal.

You can see the effect of this technique in the resulting raised texture on the brown and grey rocks. The Hira-maki-e method (flat Maki-e) uses colored urushi lacquers combined with raw lacquer which is then coated with a sprinkling of gold powder.

This is a well-balanced pen that fits comfortably in the hand. Take a closer look at the raised texture on the close-up of one of the rocks. This gives the pen a tactile delight on top of the elegant visuals of the Maki-e design.
The traditional Mt. Fuji logo engraved above the imprint has white metal plating, making this a lovely two-tone nib. Available with your choice of nib size.

As always, the artist's signature in kanji is an integral part of the design and finished product.

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