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OMAS Ogiva Extra Blue Saffron Celluloid 222 Limited Edition

OMAS Ogiva Extra Blue Saffron Celluloid 222 Limited Edition


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The new OMAS Ogiva Extra Blue Saffron Celluloid ( also called Blue Senappe ) Limited Edition celebrates the return of this legendary Italian pen manufacturer.

Being produced in just 222 numbered pieces worldwide, each pen has been hand-assembled in Italy from legacy celluloid produced by OMAS in the 1980's. Original OMAS 18k solid gold nibs are available in your choice of Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Double Broad, and Oblique Medium.

Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts optimum pressure and ink flow to your own personal preferences. OMAS 18K nibs also make an excellent starting point for many of our most popular nib customizations, such as Stub and Architects Point.

OMAS is back! After a seven year hiatus, this renowned manufacturer has resumed operations in Italy and is once again producing hand-crafted celluloid pens of remarkable beauty and outstanding writing performance.

The Ogiva Blue Saffron Limited Edition is the perfect pen to celebrate this venerable company's return. Utilizing one of the most beloved and sought-after celluloid patterns the company ever produced, each pen is hand-assembled to exacting standards of artisanal craftsmanship. Mottled browns and dark blues give this pen an unforgettable appearance.

The reliable and high capacity piston-fill system allows this pen to fill using any bottled fountain pen ink. The roller clip and the legendary "Greek Key" design on the bands identify this pen as unmistakably an OMAS.

We are proud to say have been the official repair service Omas for USA for 12 years.

Each pen ships in a special presentation box, adding to its value and collectability. We are an authorized OMAS dealer.

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