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Pilot Falcon Resin Black Rhodium

Pilot Falcon Resin Black Rhodium


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With its soft semi-flexible 14k nib, the Pilot Falcon Resin offers a very flexible nib contemporary fountain pen and has become very popular as one of the best choices for our noted Spencerian customization. This model is offered with an extra-fine point.

While the Falcon Resin with gold trim originally had the Namiki logo on the nib and cap band, the rhodium-trim version is inscribed as a Pilot - but with either trim or brand name, this is the same terrific pen and nib.

For those who love semi-flexible nibs, the Falcon Resin and Metal Falcon series pens offer some of the best choices among any contemporary fountain pen. Because of this it is one of the best starting points for our Spencerian customization - see the examples at the bottom of this page. This pen is only surpassed for flexibility by the Pilot 912 with the Falcon nib.

The provided converter allows it to be filled with any bottled fountain pen ink, and it can also use Pilot brand cartridges. For a similar pen with even more ink capacity, see the Pilot Metal Falcon.
The Pilot Falcon Resin Rhodium is available with your choice of 14k sold gold rhodium-plated nib. Unlike the gold trim model, this rhodium plated 14K gold nib is available with an extra-fine tip.
Unless requested otherwise, each pen or nib you purchase from us will be carefully examined, tested, and optimized for your personal writing characteristics before it ships.
Spencerian Calligraphy with the Falcon Resin

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