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Pilot Falcon Resin Purple Rhodium

Pilot Falcon Resin Purple Rhodium


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The Pilot Falcon Resin Purple Rhodium fountain pen is available in your choice of 14k solid gold tipping size. Pilot's soft gold nib has become famous for its suitability for our exclusive Mottishaw Spencerian customization, and its use has been showcased in a customer's YouTube video which has now received over ten million views!

Choose the Extra Fine nib for the Spencerian customization, or any nib for the modification for flex alone, though the flex modification will work better on finer nibs. With or without customization, your pen will also receive our complimentary nib tuning services, which adjust optimum pressure and ink flow to your personal writing preferences.

In its unmodified form, the Falcon Resin Purple Rhodium is a perfect pen for those who would like to add some character to their writing style with a pen still suitable for everyday usage. Varying the pressure while writing will allow some modest line-width variation while still providing the smoothest possible writing experience allowable with a soft nib.

For those who would like to push their writing style farther, however, the Purple Rhodium also provides an excellent starting point for our customizations, including the modification for added flex and his well-known Spencerian customization. Only the Custom 912 with FA nib, also produced by Pilot, surpasses the Falcon series in suitability for this customization.

The provided converter allows this pen to be filled with any bottled fountain pen ink, and it can also use Pilot brand cartridges. For similar pens with even greater ink capacity, see the Pilot Metal Falcon or the previously mentioned Custom 912.

Each pen ships in a special presentation box which also includes a starter pack of two ink cartridges. We are an authorized Pilot dealer.

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