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Pilot Sterling Collection Silvern Tsumugi

Pilot Sterling Collection Silvern Tsumugi


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Inspired by the patterns of traditional silk craft, the Pilot Sterling Collection Silvern Tsumugi features a sterling silver cap and barrel and 18k solid gold nib.

Our complimentary nib adjusts pressure and ink to your specifications, and our exclusive nib customizations can add to the style and character of your writing on the page.

The Pilot Sterling Collection offers sterling silver writing instruments with solid gold nibs at a surprisingly affordable price. A superb marriage of traditional design and modern engineering, these are pens that can last for a lifetime and more.

The pen fills using Pilot's convenient cartridge-converter system - it can use any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the provided converter, and can also use Pilot brand disposable ink cartridges.

Each pen ships in an attractive presentation box which includes the converter and a starter ink cartridge. We are an authorized Pilot dealer.

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