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Pilot Vanishing Point 2024 Limited Edition Seashore

Pilot Vanishing Point 2024 Limited Edition Seashore


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We are excited to present the Pilot Vanishing Point 2024 Limited Edition Seashore, arriving this September! This exquisite pen features an innovative retractable 18k gold nib, ready to write at the push of a button. Designed for those who appreciate both form and function, the Seashore Vanishing Point offers a unique writing experience.

The Seashore Vanishing Point boasts a breathtaking ombre design that transitions from pearlescent white to aqua to deep turquoise, all lacquered over a sturdy metal body. The rhodium-plated trim perfectly complements the vibrant colors, making this pen a true work of art. Inspired by the serene beauty of the coastline, it captures the tranquil essence of sandy shores meeting the ocean's depths.

Each pen comes packaged in a special box, complete with a proprietary piston converter and Pilot cartridges. We offer this pen with nib sizes in EF, F, M, and B, and you can also choose from our nib customization options to perfectly suit your writing preferences.

Preorders are now open! Don’t miss out on this limited edition masterpiece. Secure your Pilot Vanishing Point Seashore today and bring a piece of coastal serenity to your writing collection!

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