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Platinum 3776 Century Chenoceau White

Platinum 3776 Century Chenoceau White


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A follow-up to the popular Bourgogne and Chartres pens, the Platinum 3776 Century Chenoceau White adds a new soft ivory hue to the Century line of elegant but affordable fountain pens.

Provided with your choice of 14k solid gold nib, this pen qualifies for our complimentary nib tuning, which adjusts pressure and ink flow to your preferred specifications. Our optional nib customizations can further add to the distinctiveness of your writing on the page - choose the Fine Soft nib if you want our exclusive Mottishaw Spencerian modification for copperplate calligraphy.

The ivory color of this pen takes its inspiration from the white stone exterior of the 16th century Chateau de Chenoceau in the Loire Valley in France. Also known as the “Castle of Six Ladies” in honor of six different noblewomen who lived there over the centuries, including such famous figures as Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici, the castle has survived wars and revolutions and legal battles and is now classified as a historic monument by the French Ministry of Culture.

The 3776 Century Chenoceau utilizes Platinum's convenient cartridge-converter system - it can fill with any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the provided reusable converter, and can also use Platinum brand disposable ink cartridges. Platinum's patented Slip and Seal mechanism helps guard against dry-out and allows for ink to remain fresh in the pen for longer than is usually possible. We are an authorized Platinum dealer.

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