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Platinum Bourgogne Music Pen

Platinum Bourgogne Music Pen


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With a semi-translucent finish the color of red wine, the Platinum Century Bourgogne Music Pen is an affordable fountain pen for those who appreciate the finer things in life. On the outside this writing instrument appears almost identical to the Platinum Century 3776 Bourgogne. Under the cap, however, this specialized nib provides a unique writing experience.

The Platinum 3776 Century Bourgogne Music Pen is available only with Platinum's Music nib. This double-slit Music nib allows for great line width variation at an affordable price.

Extremely rare today, double slit Music nibs were commonly offered by major pen makers in the 1920s. Smooth-writing and full of character, the Music nib allows for a juicy, broad, expressive line.
This is a durable and well-designed cartridge-converter pen. It can be filled either with bottled fountain pen ink using the provided converter, or with Platinum brand top quality ink cartridges.

This pen can also utilize Nakaya's hand-painted Maki-e converters. The Bourgogne Music Pen showcases Platinum's new Slip and Seal technology, designed to keep ink fresh and the pen ready to write. This writing instrument allows you to savor the written word much like you would a glass of quality wine.
See that ""3776"" is etched into the wide cap band, adding a personalized touch. ""3776"" refers to the height in meters of Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan.
The line width on the music tip is around 1.0 to 1.3mm on the broadest down-stroke and as fine as .3mm on the thinnest cross stroke. Because it is double slit, twice as much ink is available to the tip. Please note that the Platinum Music nib is only available on Century Music Pens and not on any other model. Those wishing to use a true double-slit Music nib of this kind might also consider any Nakaya brand pen with Music nib.
It comes attractively packaged in a presentation case and includes converter and a starter ink cartridge.

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