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Platinum Celluloid Jade

Platinum Celluloid Jade


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The Platinum Celluloid Jade fountain pen is a vision of emerald-toned marbling that evokes the richness of jade, a gemstone traditionally associated with love, healing, money, and protection.

Celluloid fountain pens date back to the early 1920s in the United States. Only a very few companies make them today because they require individual machining and finishing. Though celluloid can be a costly material to use, Platinum makes its celluloid pens available at a surprisingly affordable price. The addition of gold trim lends a warm and sophisticated appearance to this writing instrument.

This durable and well-designed cartridge-converter pen can filled with bottled ink or use Platinum brand ink cartridges. Hand-painted Maki-e converters are also available.

The Platinum Celluloid Jade is available with your choice of solid gold 14k nib.
Platinum 14k nibs are well-suited to customizations including Stub, Cursive Italic, and Left Oblique, as well as the modification for added flex - see our nib customizations page for more information.
The Celluloid Jade comes attractively packaged in a presentation case and includes converter and a starter ink cartridge.
Unless requested otherwise, each pen or nib you purchase from us will be carefully examined, tested, and optimized for your personal writing characteristics. See our nib set-up and optimization page for more details.

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