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Platinum Century Fujin Raijin

Platinum Century Fujin Raijin


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Along with the handcrafted Maki-e pens for which it is well-known, Platinum has also gained a reputation for creating highly affordable Maki-e style pens which often resemble pens which would normally cost two or three times as much.

The Fujin Raijin is a superb example of this method of production - using hand-applied gold leaf, the Fujin Raijin is a beautiful writing instrument which could easily be mistaken for a pen costing two or three thousand dollars or more.

No corners have been cut when it comes to writing quality. The Fujin Raijin is provided with a Platinum Century solid gold 14k nib, and utilizes Platinum's efficient cartridge-converter filling system. It can be filled with any bottled fountain pen ink, or with Platinum brand cartridges.

Take a closer look at the barrel detail. Hand-applied gold leaf forms visual layers of depth and richness.

A traditional representation of Raijin, the thunder god, adorns the cap of this pen. A menacing and powerful figure with origins in Shinto, Buddhism, and Japanese folk beliefs, Raijin remains highly visible in the modern world through contemporary depictions in video games, manga, and anime.

The simple rounded cap end and streamlined gold clip combine style with function to showcase the maki-e artwork depicted on the Fujin Raijin.
Normally made available with only limited nib choices, we are able to offer the Platinum 3776 Century Fujin Raijin fountain pen in your choice of solid gold 14k nib.

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