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Platinum Izumo Bamboo Weaving Gozame #1 Ankokushoku

Platinum Izumo Bamboo Weaving Gozame #1 Ankokushoku


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The Platinum Izumo Bamboo Weaving Gozame #1 Ankokushoku utilizes traditional weaving techniques associated with bamboo craft in Japan to create the cap and barrel of this unique fountain pen pen. Hand-woven bamboo strips are cut, dyed, and coated in natural urushi lacquer in a painstaking and time-intensive process.

As with any pen you purchase from us, the Bamboo Weaving Gozame #1 Ankokushoku qualifies for our complimentary nib set-up and optimization services. Platinum's 18k solid gold nibs also provide an excellent starting point for our unique nib customizations.

Gozame refers to the particular bamboo weaving pattern seen here, which is completed in the ankokushoku hue, literally ""pitch-black color.""

Each Izumo Bamboo Weaving pen is supplied with your choice of specially inscribed 18k solid gold nib, and includes a complimentary converter for using the bottled ink of your choice. Izumo series pens can also be filled using Platinum brand cartridges.

The pen ships in a special paulownia soft wood presentation box and includes a pen kimono and complimentary bottle of ink.

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