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Platinum Izumo Urushi Biwatame

Platinum Izumo Urushi Biwatame


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The Platinum Izumo Urushi in dark layered Biwatame finish showcases Platinum urushi work at its finest. Each pen is hand-crafted from ebonite hard rubber and natural urushi finish and is provided with your choice of Platinum 18k solid gold nib.

Our complimentary nib tuning services ensure that your Platinum pen will have writing qualities equal to its appearance. Platinum nibs also provide an excellent starting point for many of our exclusive nib customizations. We are an authorized Platinum dealer.

Platinum is the parent company to artisanal offshoot Nakaya, and while the aesthetics of the two companies often diverge, the similarities are more apparent in the Izumo Urushi series - though different in style from any specific Nakaya model, the Izumo's emphasis on simple, elegant lines and urushi lacquer finish will remind many of the Nakaya approach. Biwatame finish is described by Platinum as tan, and may call to mind similar finishes such as Ki-dame and Toki-tamenuri.

Each Izumo Urushi pen includes a wood presentation box lined with green velvet and with a green fabric pen kimono. The ink converter, provided by us with your purchase, allows for the use of any bottled fountain pen ink, and the pen can also use Platinum's own disposable ink cartridges. A starter cartridge is also included with your purchase.

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