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Platinum Izumo Yakumonuri Togi Yakumo

Platinum Izumo Yakumonuri Togi Yakumo


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The Platinum Izumo Yakumonuri Togi Yakumo features an intricate Maki-e design inspired by paintings of floating clouds on the ceiling of the sacred shrine in Izumo, Japan. Silver powder and urushi lacquers are hand-applied to the ebonite body of this pen, which utilizes Platinum's convenient and reliable cartridge-converter filling system.

As with any pen you purchase from us, the Izumo Yakumonuri Togi Yakumo qualifies for our complimentary nib tuning services, which help ensure that your pen will not just be a beautiful art object, but also a superb writing instrument, highly suitable for everyday use. Platinum's 18k solid gold nibs also serve as excellent starting points for many of our exclusive nib customizations, which give added flair and distinctiveness to your writing on the page.

Silver powder, color urushi lacquers, and transparent suki-urushi are all used to realize the evocative motif of this pen. The time-intensive process of painting and polishing multiple layers results in average production times of a year or more.

The pen is provided with a decorative paulownia softwood presentation box decorated with kanji-style calligraphy. A stringed pen pouch with a cloud-shaped clasp is also provided, along with starter ink cartridges and a complimentary converter for the use of bottled fountain pen ink. The taste and beauty of the packaging adds to the value of this pen both for collectors and as a lovely gift item.

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