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Platinum Maki-e #17 Phoenix

Platinum Maki-e #17 Phoenix


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Compact and well constructed, the Platinum 3776 Maki-e Style #17 Phoenix is both a terrific everyday writer and an excellent bargain. Utilizing Maki-e inspired designs, these pens could easily be mistaken for hand-crafted writing instruments costing several hundred dollars more.

The motif on this pen depicts the Phoenix, symbol of regeneration and rebirth, and a familiar theme in Asian traditional art.

Measuring 5.37"" inches capped and weighing 20.7 grams, this is a durable and well-designed cartridge-converter pen.

Unlike other 3776 series pens, which come equipped with rigid 14k or 18k nibs, the Phoenix, Crane and Mt. Fuji, and Bush Warbler pens all come standard with 18k semi-flexible nibs.

The clutch cap makes for easy opening and closing of this pen.

The #17 Phoenix comes attractively packaged in a red velvet presentation case and includes converter and a starter ink cartridge.

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