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Platinum Maki-e #87 Moon and Rabbit

Platinum Maki-e #87 Moon and Rabbit


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The Platinum Maki-e #87 Moon and Rabbit fountain pen offers Maki-e style design at a highly affordable price. Made available with your choice of 18k semi-soft nib and featuring hand-applied gold and silver leaf, this pen can be a terrific introduction to the world of Japanese writing instruments.

Our complimentary nib tuning services adjust pressure and ink flow to your personal writing preferences, and our optional nib customizations add additional character and distinctiveness to your writing on the page. We are an authorized Platinum dealer.

Kanazawa leaf is a traditional craft centered in this coastal city on the west coast of Japan, very close to the urushi craft center of Wajima. Kanazawa has been renowned for its gold and silver leaf since the 16th century, and since the Meiji Period from 1868 to 1912 has accounted for virtually all gold and silver leaf production in Japan.

The Moon and Rabbit is a frequent motif in Japanese art, with the rabbit associated with peace, prosperity, and long life. In some folkloric tales, the rabbit lives on the moon, where he bakes rice cakes and brews an elixir of immortality. On this pen, Kanazawa gold leaf has been used for the grasses and a golden moon, while silver leaf is used for the rabbit itself.

Each pen arrives in an appropriately themed black and gold presentation box and includes a starter ink cartridge as well as a complimentary ink converter provided by us. The pen can fill using any bottled fountain pen ink, and can also use Platinum brand disposable ink cartridges.

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