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Waterman Carene Black Sea Silver

Waterman Carene Black Sea Silver


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With deep black lacquer flooding almost every inch of its surface, the Waterman Carene Black Sea Silver fountain pen has an understated presence. Rhodium trim adds a modern touch, and makes sense for those who tend to gravitate towards silver watches or jewelry. The affordable price makes this a great introduction to the Carene line of Waterman pens.

The Waterman Carene Black Sea Silver fountain pen is made of high-quality lacquer with rhodium trim. It is made available with your choice of 18k solid gold rhodium-plated nib unit.

Carène means ""hull"" in French, and the Waterman Carene fountain pen sports an elegantly streamlined design that suggests the sleek lines of a racing yacht. The smooth-writing 18k inlaid nib adds to the appeal of these writing instruments, which also offer excellent value for the price.

Notice the unique angled end cap finished with a touch of silver trim. When seen from the side, the pen appears to be swimming through water. The Carene Black Sea Silver is a mid-size pen that will be a comfortable fit for most users. The easily removable clutch cap adds to its ease of use.

The Carene Black Sea Silver with rhodium trim can be filled using international size ink cartridges, such as the Pelikan and J. Herbin cartridges we carry, or can be filled with any bottled fountain pen ink using the included converter.

A rhodium-plated clip imprinted with the Waterman trademark allows the Carene Black Sea Silver to be easily affixed to a shirt pocket. Smooth, rounded cap ends match the sleek, movement-oriented style of the Carene model.

Additional Carene nib units are available for individual sale and are easily interchangeable at home.

The 18k solid gold rhodium-plated inlaid nib is known for its smooth writing characteristics, and is imprinted with the Waterman trademark.
These 18k nibs are well-suited to customizations such as Cursive Italic and Left Oblique.

Each pen is packaged in an elegant Waterman gift box and comes with starter cartridges.

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